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Latest News – February 20

celebrate-presidents-dayspacerSaguache County Democrats Select New Officers

The Saguache County Democrats elected new party officers at their reorganization meeting on February 4.  The new officers are as follows: Chair Kevin Noland (Crestone), Vice Chair Lynne Thompson (Center), Secretary Barbara Tidd (Moffat/Villa Grove) , and Treasurer Bill McClure (Center).slv_winterdrive_saguachetoday_7

The County Central Committee is comprised of these officers as well as precinct committee persons and elected officials from the party, which currently includes all three county commissioners, the corner and the county assessor.  These same people will serve as the County Vacancy Committee.  If you are interested in being a precinct committee person or have questions about that rule please contact Kevin Noland.  There are two committee persons for each precinct.  There are currently three vacancies that need to be filled as soon as possible: Precinct 1 (Saguache) , Precinct 2 (Sargents), and Precinct 3 (Town of Crestone).

co-demsThe State Democratic Party re-organization meeting is on March 11 in Denver and is open to the public.  The state party is looking forward to engaging with more local grassroots Democratic Party committee members.  If you have questions or concerns or want to become more involved, please contact Kevin Noland at (970) 351-6747, nolandk@gmail.com; or Barbara Tidd 719-221-8434, slvbarb498@gmail.com.