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Saguache News – October 12

Tick-Tock – Scary Fun Awaits in Saguache

“You’ll see, things are quite different here!” While movie-goers may recognize this line from the scary season’s rising-star film, “The House with a Clock in Its Walls,” it also sums up this psychological thriller’s core plot.

The good news is that this film is also rated PG, which means that some of the younger kids can still enjoy a good Halloween-ish movie. The film is based on a 1973 juvenile mystery fiction novel. While you need to “know-your-kid,” they recommend age 11 plus.  Catch this one playing at Cozy Castle Cinema this weekend, October 12 – 14.

In this weekend’s film, “The House with a Clock in Its Walls,” ten-year-old Lewis goes to live with his oddball uncle in a creaky old house that contains a mysterious `tick tock’ noise. He soon learns that Uncle Jonathan and his feisty neighbour, Mrs Zimmerman, are powerful practitioners of the magic arts. When Lewis accidentally awakens the dead, the town’s sleepy facade suddenly springs to life, revealing a secret and dangerous world of witches, warlocks and deadly curses.


The Cozy Castle Cinema in downtown Saguache.

The Cozy Castle Cinema in downtown Saguache.

Showtimes are Friday at 7 p.m., Saturday at 4 p.m. & 7 p.m.; and Sunday at 4 p.m.

Ticket prices are $7 with children 3 and under free. The Cozy Castle Cinema is located at 403 4th St, in downtown Saguache. 719-221-4159.


Saguache News – October 9

Political Forum Scheduled for Saguache Today, Crestone Tomorrow

Tim Lovato

Saguache County Incumbent and Candidate for Commissioner Tim Lovato was out pounding the political pavement in downtown Saguache over the weekend. With Election Day 2018 just weeks away the campaigning heats up. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

As Election Day 2018 draws nearer, the political banter and debate grows louder as Saguache County voters will head to the polls to determine a Sheriff, Clerk & Recorder and County Commissioner.  There are also some local measures voters should be aware.

But if you’re still undecided about the candidates or perhaps haven’t had a chance to ask your questions, there are a couple of upcoming political forums where local candidates will be available for questions.

Tonight the debate will take place at Cozy Castle Cinema in downtown Saguache starting at 6:30 p.m. The event will be moderated by Michale Pacheco and questions may be submitted by clicking on the image below. Doors open at 6 p.m.Saguache Debate

Then tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 10, there will be a Candidates Forum which will take place in Crestone. All candidates are invited to the Meet and Greet starting at 6 p.m. at the Crestone Charter School. Then at 6:30 p.m. the forum will include debate from candidates for contested races only. The events is sponsored by the San Luis Valley League of Women Voters. Questions can be directed to Lynne Thompson at 719-754-9163. The Crestone School is located at 330 E. Lime Avenue.Crestone ForumAnd finally, for voters who can’t make either forum, Saguache Today offers the following videos from the Political Forum for the Primary Election back in June. While Commissioner Candidate Ellen Cox had withdrawn from the race, the other candidates for the BOCC as well as Clerk and Sheriff can be seen here discussing their backgrounds and qualifications, as well as answering questions to regarding pertinent issues.

Clips From The Clerk: Register To Vote

BY Trish Gilbert, Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

To be eligible to register to vote, an applicant must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen (at the time of completing the application)
  • Be 16 years old.  The person will not be allowed to vote until he/she turns 18
  • Reside in Colorado at least 22 days before the election
  • You may register to vote up to and including Election Day, November 6, 2018.

Here is a complete list of the items on the registration form that are required and optional.

  • Required
    • Name
    • Residence Address
    • Signature (or mark)
    • Citizenship Affirmation
    • Date of Birth
  • Optional
    • Gender
    • Former Address
    • Telephone number and email
  • ID Requirements
    • The applicant must provide the Colorado Driver’s License number (or state ID card number)
    • If the applicant does not have a Colorado Driver’s License or state ID card, the applicant must indicate that by checking the second box and providing the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number
    • If the applicant does not have a Colorado Driver’s License or state ID card or a Social Security Number. The applicant must indicate that by checking the third box.
    • When an applicant fails to provide the required information, the person is entered in the SCORE system as “Incomplete”.
  • Determining Residence
    • Residence is the principal or primary home or place of abode of a person.
    • Residence is a place in which a person’s habitation is fixed and to which that person, whenever absent, has the present intention of returning after a departure or absence, regardless of the duration of the absence.
    • Residence is a permanent building or part of a building and may include a house, condominium, apartment, room in a house, or mobile home.  (A vacant lot or a business address is not a residence.)
    • Residence given for motor vehicle purposes and state income tax purposes is the same for voter registration.
    • No person gains residence or loses residence because of civil or military service of the state or of the United States; while a student at any institution of higher education; or while confined in a correctional facility, jail, or state institution.

Preparing for an election is a year-round activity.  Getting citizens registered to vote is the first big step.  Ballots will be mailed to active registered voters only.  

Help us to help you.  You may go online to register/update your voter registration information at govotecolorado.com.  Or you can come in person to our office located at 501 4th St in Saguache. Let’s show Colorado that Saguache County VOTES.   Remember, every vote counts!

Again, if you have been a resident in Colorado at least 22 days before the election, you can register to vote up to and including Election Day. Jane, Desiree, Ben, Dominique and I are available to assist in (among other things) getting you registered to vote.

Saguache_Election Ballot_BoxPost

Local Elections Matter!

Election Calendar_Sec of State copy

Saguache News – October 8

Bus Stops: It’s All About the Kids

By Trooper Gary Cutler, Colorado State Patrol

It’s that time of year when the trees lose their leaves and parents lose their kids to the school system.  This means we have kids all over the place going to school along with other activities and that means we need to be more careful out there when driving, particularly around school buses.flying20wheel_jpg (1)

We’ve all seen those big yellow school buses with the red flashing lights and the stop sign that extends out of the left side.  Today, we look at what you should do when you see those all so important lights.

First, let’s look at how buses operate.  When making a stop, buses should try to stop as far right of the roadway as possible to reduce obstruction to traffic. The alternating flashing yellow lights you see when the bus is moving need to be turned on at least two hundred feet prior to the point where the bus is planning to stop.  This doesn’t mean you should quickly try to pass the bus when you see those come on.  Drivers should also begin to slow.  You have to remember kids also see those lights and sometimes run across the road to get to the bus.  So please be patient and know it won’t take long to get the kids on or off the bus.  When the yellow lights transition to the red lights is when the bus is stopped.  This means everyone must also stop. 

So here are the reasons a bus will activate its lights:  whenever the school bus is stopped to load or unload schoolchildren, stopped because it is behind another school bus that is loading or unloading kids, or is stopped because it has met a school bus traveling in a different direction that is unloading or loading kids.

Saguache School Bus

Saguache residents are asked to take extra care in the school bus loading and un-loading areas, especially as the new school construction AND the sewer projects continue in the area. Photo: Saguache Today.

A school bus driver carrying any schoolchild is also required before crossing any tracks of a railroad, to stop within fifty feet but not less than fifteen feet from the nearest rail and shall not proceed until the driver can do so safely.

So now, here’s the refresher on what to do when you come upon a school bus.  If you are a driver on the road and come upon a bus from either direction that has stopped and its lights are activated, you need to stop your vehicle at least twenty feet before reaching the school bus.  After the kids are off or on the bus, you are not allowed to proceed until the signal lights are no longer on. So make sure no one starts to go just because they think they don’t see any more kids.  You can only proceed driving again once the bus driver turns off the lights.

Now we answer the question on what to do on a divided road.  There aren’t too many of those in the rural areas, but here is what to do when you see one.  If the highway has separate roadways then you are not required to stop upon meeting or passing a school bus which is on a different roadway. For the purposes of this section, “highway with separate roadways” means a highway that is divided into two or more roadways by a depressed, raised, or painted median or other intervening space serving as a clearly indicated dividing section or island.  I would like to add to watch for those kids running across roadways though.  Also if children are crossing the road at an intersection make sure you stop for them as required.

Another thing to know is the driver of a school bus not only can, but is required to call in any vehicles that disregard the activated red lights and passes the bus.  Law enforcement will then take the information the driver provides and visit the other driver and will often issue a mandatory summons into court.  The driver then gets to explain to the judge why he or she failed to stop for a bus loading or unloading kids.  So if you see a bus loading or unloading kids, it’s best to make sure you stop.

If you care to read up on the law, you can find it in the Colorado Revised Statutes under 42-4-1903 (1).

Follow-Up . . . . . 

patrol car (1)I’d like to mention one last thing this month.  It is the goal of these articles to keep people as informed and safe as possible when driving in Colorado.  With that being said, it was brought to the attention of the State Patrol that information in the article “Bicycles and Automobiles” was viewed as biased towards automobiles and did not encompass the law as it should have been stated.

I apologize if there was confusion on what I was trying to convey when it comes to automobile and bicycle laws.  I believe if I had gone into more detail into some of the information I was providing in the article, it would have been a little clearer. We here at the Colorado State Patrol are dedicated to putting out information as accurately as possible.

I hope you enjoy these articles and will continue to read them in the future.  We value everyone who uses the roadways and our goal is to keep everyone safe.  I will strive to provide you with sound advice and safety measures to help you stay safe on our roadways.

Thanks, As always, safe travels!

Saguache School Construction_October 2018_9

The new Mountain Valley School construction continues. Things are starting to look a lot different at the corner of 6th and Pitkin Avenue in Saguache Today.

Saguache News – October 5

Friday Night Star Gazing Opportunity

There’s a certain appreciation for star-gazing that exists in @Saguache Today. Maybe it’s because there are just soooo many of them to see at night, thanks to the lack of light pollution in the San Luis Valley.

Joyful Journey

Whether its daytime soaking, or night-time star-gazing, Joyful Journey Hot Springs offers the wide open spaces the San Luis Valley is known for. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

So if you often find your gaze upward into the night’s sky, then tonight’s the night to join others at Joyful Journey Hot Springs for a presentation by Chris Corl entitled, “ Venus Retrograde: Astrology Circle.

According to event organizers, the goddess of love herself now begins her descent into the intimate and soulful depths  at the heart of Scorpion  This is a sacred time. A time to allow love to make its way deeper in through your defenses, a time to release  those old heartbreaks  and the destructive patterns  that protect them  a time to re-invoke the truest dreams of your heart’s deep desire

The event s free and open to the public. Join them from 7 – 8:15 on Friday, Oct. 5 for a night of circle, star talk ,and fall visioning  as the discuss includes the upcoming Venus retrograde.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs are located at 28640 County Road 58EE just down the road from Moffat, You can reach them by phone at (719) 256-4328, or online at their website, or Facebook Page.Astrology_Joyful Jurney


Saguache News – October 4

Renown Flamenco Guitarist Returns to Crestone

This Sunday, Oct. 7 the Shumei International Institute welcomes back Mito de Soto for an afternoon of Flamenco and Classical Guitar, starting at 3 p.m.

Mito de Soto

Miguel “Mito” de Soto

Miguel “Mito” de Soto on is based in Santa Fe, N.M., but his musical renderings take listeners around the world as he brings his talents as guitarist, composer, musician, and vocalist to the mountains above Crestone. And while many music-lovers may be familiar with his talents demonstrated in his recorded music, to hear him LIVE is an entirely different experience.

Trained in Classical music at the U.W-Milw, de Soto’s Flamenco and Classical compositions are personified by his ability to mask complex chord structures under a searing melody line. Although de Soto continues to have many of his classical compositions performed publicly by various chamber ensembles, he professes his enduring love for Flamenco music.

There are many music styles worldwide that influence and shape a musician throughout his/her life. For de Soto, paternal and maternal family members have always been “instrumental” at introducing him to a diverse montage of musical instruments, such as: mouth harps, various stringed instruments, flutes, guitars, clapping (palmas), rhythmic stomping and of course plenty of singing.

Mito de Soto took Masters’ classes with world-renowned percussionist Alex Acuña which taught him the use of poly-rhythms of five beats against three beats (accenting beat one for each measure). He has also studied poly-metric(multiple changing beats per piece) drumming time signatures with master drummers from Senegal & Ghana, as well as East Indian rhythms in 9 and 10 beat measures, and of course, the 12/8 – beat measures in Flamenco music. Come celebrate the musical culture of Flamenco and Classical “Music de Mito™”.

Tickets for the concert are a $10 suggested donation, and all proceeds benefit the artist directly. He brings with him his latest CD. For information call 719/256-5284 or visit http://www.shumeicrestone.org.


Saguache News – October 1

Mike Wheeler Next Chamber Speaker on Tuesday

The Saguache Chamber of Commerce continues with their speaker program tomorrow, October 2 featuring Mike Wheeler, owner of Casa Roofing. Many of you may know this long-time Saguache resident, Mike Wheeler as has deep roots in Saguache.Saguahce Chamber logo

Wheeler graduated from Mountain Valley High many years ago, and left the next day to travel and see the rest of America. An established roofing contractor, he returned to Saguache two years ago to set up shop and reestablish his ties to the area.                                                                                                                                                

Wheeler is a Conklin Roofing Distributor, specializing in applying the elastomeric coating method to his roofs. Mike is passionate about this roofing method, noting several big advantages for use of this method.

Wheeler is well known around town as a business owner, entrepreneur, and civic leader, having recently run for the office of Mayor in Saguache. Come and hear him talk about his roofing business and a variety of other entrepreneurial and civic passions he has.  

The Chamber monthly meetings (as always) are open to the public. Please contact the Chamber at info@saguachechamber.org or call Barry at 719-322-7298 if you have any questions about this meeting or if you’d like to be part of the Chamber Speaker Program in the future.

Join others from the community at 6 p.m. at the County Road & Bridge at 305 3rd. St. in Saguache on Tuesday, Oct. 2.


Saguache News – September 30

Entrepreneurship Camp for Saguache Students

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s an age-old question!

But thinking about the answer to that question when you have your whole life ahead of you can be exciting. And so it will go for students from Mountain Valley School in Saguache this week as they participate in a three-day Entrepreneurship Camp.

Mountain Valley School Sign

Mountain Valley School District host an Entrepreneurship Camp this week.

As part of HEART of Saguache/KV Student to Career Pathway Initiative, 8th -12th grade students will participate in the program from Thursday – Saturday, Oct. 4 – 5 at Mountain Valley School.

Then on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 2:30 -3:30 p.m. the Entrepreneurship Camp Business Presentation will take place, including the awarding of certificates. Members of the public are invited to come out and support the students, and hear the business presentations that they will have developed during the workshop.

The Entrepreneurship Camp is sponsored by HEART of Saguache/KV, Mountain Valley School and Youth Engagement Expert, Craig Schroeder. For more information please contact Stacey Amos Holden, HEART of Saguache/KV. (719) 849 0957

About the expert . . . .

Craig Schroeder _HEART Saguache

Craig Schroeder

Craig Schroeder grew up on his family’s farm near Holbrook in southwest Nebraska, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1986. In 1989, after an early career in international agriculture trade, Schroeder and his new bride, Dawn, a Los Angeles native, moved back to his hometown of 223 people and experienced firsthand what it is like for a farm boy to come home and a city girl to move to the country.

This decision resulted in an 11-year experiment in young adult recruitment and rural revitalization emerging from the eighties agricultural crisis. Schroeder’s work during this period included the conversion of his former high school into a regional business incubator that has also served as home base for GROW Nebraska for the past two decades.

Schroeder has committed his career to helping rural communities create more prosperous futures; working as a local economic developer, rural telecommunications policy leader, Executive Director of the Nebraska Rural Development Commission, Senior Fellow with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and President of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development. He has also served on several prominent state and national rural development boards and commissions during his career.

Schroeder’s work extends across 47 states involving well over 40,000 youth, and in Canada, Australia and Russia, helping community leaders, educators and economic development professionals implement effective youth engagement, workforce development and entrepreneurship strategies. And this week, he will be in Saguache working with students from Mountain Valley Schools! The results will be exciting – see you on Saturday!