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Latest News – January 10

Newsman Coombs Makes the News in Saguache Today

There’s a local celebrity in the midst of the 500 residents of Saguache, although you wouldn’t know it by his unassuming demeanor.

The Saguache Crescent: bringing Saguache County the news in print since 1879. Photo: Saguache Today

The Saguache Crescent: bringing Saguache County the news in print since 1879. Photo: Saguache Today

And while you won’t find this local star signing autographs on the corner of San Juan and 4th Streets, you might find some one-of-a-kind, ink-producing sounds coming from his office on any given Tuesday in downtown Saguache.

Lately, when he’s not printing the news, local publisher of the Saguache Crescent Dean Coombs has been making it, by racking up views on You Tube and other social media platforms as video reports and stories continue to bring attention to what very well could be the last Linotype-produced newspaper in the world!

But in this small town in the San Luis Valley, the weekly production of the Saguache Crescent is more than a story, it’s the way people in this county still get their news, their stories. And that’s thanks to the continued commitment of the printed word by third generation newsman Dean Coombs.

However, it’s outside interests in the old-school manufacturing of this weekly periodical that have made Coombs a rising star. From CBS Sunday Morning to Colorado Life Magazine to The Associated Press’ The Big Story, which just posted a video report a mere 5 days ago that has already tallied nearly 9,000 views, Coombs and his magical machines have come into full focus. In fact, many locals would say that he’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in town.

But as Coombs nears retirement with no family member or apprentice to pass along this 19th century printing knowledge to, Saguache residents wonder where the future of local news may lead. While he has officially worked for the paper since he was 12 years old, stories of Coombs being rocked to sleep in a baby carriage that was attached to the printing press, cranking back and forth to meet deadline, have become legendary in recent years. It’s a case of the newsman becoming the news, often overshadowing local garden club highlights or library programs written about in the paper.

And while no one knows what the future holds, it’s time to honor this life-long news man by bringing readers links to a variety of video reports and stories about the Publisher of the Saguache Crescent Dean Coombs. This is what makes him “EXTRA” special! And thanks for keeping the presses – and the news – rolling along in Saguache Today!