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Saguache News – January 5

Town Trustees: Serving Ain’t for Sissys

No matter where you turn, when the discussion comes to politics, everyone seems to be shying away. But that never solved anything. And in small rural communities like Saguache, Town management is the axle that keeps the wheel turning.

So with the New Year, comes the reborn hope for democracy, along with the following information from Saguache’s Mayor Pro-Tem and Trustee Luana Lovato regarding the town’s upcoming election this April and the positions that are open.

Swearing in Saguache Town Board April 2016

All elected officials take an oath to uphold and defend the State Constitution, as did these elected Town Trustees did in April 2016. Photo Saguache Today/Lynn Nowiskee.

A Public Service Announcement Submitted by Luana Lovato, Saguache Mayor Pro-Temp

The Town of Saguache needs citizens to run for the Office of Town Trustee, or Mayor. During the last election cycle, I challenged the citizens of Saguache to consider running for a position on the Town Board. I was so happy to see citizens step up and run for office.

The Town of Saguache has made great strides in the last 6 months and is headed in a good direction. It would be awesome if citizens decided to become involved in the future of our Town and run for office. Petition packets are available beginning January 2, 2018, and must be returned with the required verified signatures by January 22, 2018. Packets are available at the Town Hall located at 504 San Juan Ave., Saguache Colorado. There is a very short window to collect signatures on the petitions. All you need is a minimum of 10 signatures.

Saguache Town Hall post

The Saguache Town Hall is located at 504 San Juan Avenue. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

Anyone interested in giving back to our wonderful community and help direct the future of Saguache should definitely run for office. These are very important appointments for our Town. 2018 TOWN OF SAGUACHE MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS The Town of Saguache Regular Municipal Elections are held on the first Tuesday of April in even numbered years by polling place ballot locations. For the 2018 election that date will be Tuesday, April 3, 2018. At each election, eligible electors can vote for candidates nominated to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees.

Eligibility Requirements (C.R.S 31-10-301) to run:

  • Candidate must be at least 18 years of age by the date of the election (Tuesday, April 3, 2018).
  • Candidate must be a registered voter by the time of the candidate’s nomination.
  • Candidate must be a primary resident of the Town of Saguache for a period of at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the election.
  • Candidate must maintain residency throughout the term in office.
  • Candidate must have resided within the State of Colorado for at least 22 days prior to the election.
  • Candidate must be properly registered with the Saguache County Clerk and Recorder.
  • Candidate may not be a candidate for more than one office at the same election or hold two municipal offices.

There are a number of Saguache Town positions that need to be filled in 2018.

  • The Mayor of Saguache
  • Town Trustees (5 out of the six positions need to be filled)
    •  (3) four-year positions
    • (2) two-year positions.

The three four-year Trustee positions (2018-2022) shall be awarded to the candidates receiving the highest number of votes. The two candidates receiving the next highest vote totals will fill the two positions with a term expiration of 2020.

Candidate packets can be obtained at the Saguache Town hall at 504 San Juan Avenue. For information regarding the election and the election calendar please click the link below or contact the Town Clerk at 719-655-2232 or by email at townclerk@townofsaguache.org or visit town hall.






Saguache News – January 3

It’s “T” Time: New Laws in 2018

By Kathy Bedell, © Saguache Today

It’s “T” time for 2018, so here are some new Colorado laws on the books, that Saguache Today wanted readers to be aware of as you head into the New Year.

Take Home Pay. Starting in 2018, minimum wage in Colorado will go up to $10.20 an hour. Following a 2016 voter-approved ballot measure, minimum wage will continue to rise every year until it reaches $12 per hour in 2020. The minimum wage for tipped employees will go up to $7.18 per hour, so be sure to double check those pay stubs and make sure you’re earning what you’re due!


There is no shortage of “Help Wanted” and “Hiring” signs across Colorado communities as the market deals with a low unemployment rate in Colorado. In 2018, the minimum wage increases.

Texting Sexual Images. Guess they’re still talking about what’s appropriate when it comes to sharing, and the laws are always adjusting to keep pace with the technology. In 2018, for Colorado teens it seems the consequences for sexting will be contracting a bit. A new law lessens the consequences teenagers could face if they are caught texting sexual images to juveniles. Prior to the new legislation, teens were charged with sexual exploitation of a child, which is a class 3 felony. The new law would lower the punishment, giving prosecutors the ability to file misdemeanor charges instead of felony charges. It also would not require those found guilty (i.e. teens) to register as sex offenders.

Times Visiting a Dispensary in a Day. If you’re the kind of neighbor that keeps track of who’s coming and going from Saguache County’s marijuana dispensaries, then the new anti-“looping” measure could bring new meaning to your nosey-neighbor tendencies. Colorado is cracking down on “loopers,” not to be confused with the “daptards.” According to Colorado marijuana officials, looping is where someone goes into a dispensary repeatedly during the same day to buy marijuana.pot_saguache1

The modified “new” rules limit sales to a single transaction per person, per day. And heads up to any local budtenders because it also punishes the establishments that sell marijuana to people if employees know, or should reasonably know, that the person has already purchased their limit. There’s also been a “loop-hole” fixed in the language of the law, prohibiting not just the sale, but the transfer of retail marijuana to people who have already purchased the legal limit.

In other pot news for 2018, all you home-growers should note the following change: as of January 1, 2018, all residences will be limited to a maximum of 12 plants unless certain requirements are met. Beforehand, growers found a sizeable “go-around” as the prior measure allowed up to six plants in each house per person (18yrs+)  living there. Since the Saguache County MJ Regs more or less, follow the state regulations, this new change will apply locally as well.

Transparency in Pricing for Hospitals. If you’ve ever had a hospital stay or visit, you understand that the true pain sets in once the bill arrives. Fortunately legislators found a remedy to that with the newly enacted Transparency in Health Care Prices Act, requiring providers to put together a list of the prices for at least 15 of the most common services it provides to patients. In addition, health care providers must provide a list of the 25 most used services, diagnosis-related group codes and the 25 most used out-patient CPT codes for billing.saguache_courthouse

And finally, if you’re wondering how much Saguache County elected officials are making these days, this is what the Colorado legislature determined for 2018. Which brings readers back, full circle to the increase in minimum wage to be earned by hard-working Coloradoans. Or does it? Looks like that circle still has a long way to go when it comes to the wage gap between the people doing the work, and the folks running the show. Happy New Year!


Saguache News – December 30

Traditions, Superstitions Ensure A Happy New Year!

SanLuisValley_Ruegg_5“Happy New Year!” This greeting will be heard for weeks as the New Year gets under way this Monday, Jan. 1, 2018. For many, celebrating the New Year is immersed in traditions to ensure a prosperous 2018.

Besides the champagne toast and mid­night kiss, New Year’s traditions and superstitions draw a con­nection between what people do on that FIRST day and what their fate will be for the rest of the year. Here are some ways to ensure a good outcome for the next 12 months.

Midnight Kiss – Kiss those dearest to you as the clock strikes twelve. Not only is this a fun way to celebrate with your favorite people, but it also makes certain those affec­tions and ties will continue throughout the next 52 weeks. No lip lock? Be prepared for a year of coldness.

Money – Cash must be placed in every wallet in your home to guarantee prosperity. walletDon’t start things off with debt (easier said than done after Christ­mas!) Write those checks and mail them off before this Sunday, Jan. 1. Likewise, personal debts should be settled – especially if you owe me! However, do not pay back loans or lend money on January First as this will ensure you’ll be paying out all year. Also, don’t let the year start with bare kitchen cupboards or things will be that way throughout the year.

First Footer – The first person to enter your home after the stroke of midnight will influ­ence the upcoming year. Ideal­ly, he should be dark-haired, tall, and good-looking! Tra­dition states it would be even better if he came bearing cer­tain small gifts such as a silver coin, a bit of bread, a sprig of evergreen, and some salt. Blonde and redhead first footers bring bad luck, and female first footers should be shooed away before they bring disaster down on the household. Don’t let first footers walk right in even if they live there. They should knock, be let in, and leave by a different door than the one through which they entered. No one should leave the premises before the first footer arrives – the first traffic across the threshold must be headed in rather than out. Also, these initial guests must not be cross-eyed, have flat feet, or eyebrows that meet in the mid­dle. So, be wary of all your red­headed, female friends with no arch support and a unibrow!

Out With the Old – At mid­night, all the doors of your house must be opened to let the old year escape unimpeded. Old Father Time must leave before Baby New Year can come in. So fling open those portals to assist him in finding his way out. However, it’s important to note that no objects – absolutely nothing, not even garbage – are to leave the house on the first day of the year. Don’t so much as shake out a rug or take the empties to the recycle bin on Sunday!

good_luckGood Luck Food – Most of us are familiar with the South­ern tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to attract good luck and money. Many cultures believe that any­thing in the shape of a ring is good luck, because it symbol­izes coming full circle. So, think donuts, onion rings, and everyone’s favorite, bagels!

Work – Make sure to do, and be successful at, some­thing related to your job on the first day of the year, even if you don’t go near your place of employment that day. Limit your activity to a token amount, though, because to engage in a serious work project on the first of January day is very unlucky.

Clothes – Wear something new on January 1 to increase the likelihood of receiving more new garments in the upcoming year. Also, DO NOT do the laundry on New Year’s Day lest a member of the family be washed away (die) in the upcoming months. Some folks go as far as leaving the dirty dishes.

Breaking Bad Habits – Avoid breaking things on that first day, otherwise wreckage be part of your year. Avoid cry­ing on the first day of the year because that will also set the tone for the next twelve months.

Weather – Examine the weather in the early hours of New Year’s Day. If the wind blows from the south, there will be fine weather and prosperous times in the year ahead. If it comes from the north, it will be a year of bad weather. The wind blowing from the east brings famine and calamities. Strangest of all, if the wind blows from the west, the year will witness plentiful supplies of milk and fish but will also see the death of a very impor­tant person. If there’s no wind at all, a joyful and prosperous year may be expected by all. The forecast for Saguache for January 1, 2018 reads: Mostly clear, with a low around 15. West northwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Hmmm. . . .

There you have it. Just a few things to consider as you ponder the next 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds. Hope they’re happy!

Saguache News – December 29

Celebrate 2018 in Saguache and It Could Save a Life!

The Saguache Volunteer Fire Department is hosting a New Year’s Eve Lasagna Dinner and Silent Auction Fundraiser. The event will be held at the Oasis Restaurant,  from 5 – 8  p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve!

Fall Festival_2_Firefighters_1

The Saguache Volunteer Fire Department served up some suds and BBQ at the 24th Annual Saguache Fall Festival & Quilt Show. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell. Thanks for keeping Saguache County safe!

Come and support the volunteers that help keep you safe in Saguache and across the San Luis Valley. You can buy tickets pre-sale for $12, or pay $15 at the door. RSVP for the dinner with Anthony Salaz @ 719-221-3580 (text message is preferred).

In addition, connect with the group on their Facebook Page to view images of the items they have for the presale. The Oasis Restaurant  is located at 630 Gunnison Avenue at Hwy 285 in the Town of Saguache. (719) 655-2884

Saguache News – December 27

SLV Cattlemen Host Annual Meeting on Jan 6

The San Luis Valley Cattlemen’s Association will be holding their annual meeting on Saturday, Jan. 6. The public is invited to join them at the Alamosa Rec Center for an informative afternoon of delicious prime rib dinner, entertainment, a silent auction, and of course, updates on what the group has been up to with their efforts that benefit all in the valley.SLV Cattlemen dinner

The afternoon begins at 3 p.m. as Libby Bigler, Colorado BQA Coordinator with Colorado State University presents the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Course. The BQA is a national program that raises consumer confidence through offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry.

After the BQA presentation, the group will conduct their annual business meeting form 5 – 5:30 p.m. Following the meeting the fun continues into the evening with dinner and entertainment. This year, in addition to their popular silent auction, the group’s annual meeting will include some entertainment from Cowboy Poet, Floyd Beard. According to his website, Beard has been a cowboy most of his life. Along the way he’s had many other jobs to support his cow habit. Floyd and his wife Valerie currently run a cow calf operation in the canyons south of Kim, Colo.

Beard’s stories are inter-woven with his western code of high ethics and integrity and sprinkled richly with humor. Beard also recites some cowboy poetry classics, from some of the best cowboy poets from the past, keeping the western spirit and history alive. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Cost for members is $30 per person and includes the course and dinner; non-members can attend the BQA for $10 per person and an additional $30 for the dinner. Please RSVP by January 1 to Erin Nissen at 710-486-2600. The SLV Cattlemen’s Association is located at 6118 Lane 5 North, Mosca, CO 81146. Readers may also stay connected via the Cattlemen’s Facebook Page.


The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) was founded in 1867 – nine years before Colorado became a state! As such, it became the first statewide cattlemen’s association in the nation.


Saguache News – December 23

Christmas Services Held in SaguacheSaguache Church Christmas 2017

Saguache News – December 20

Jolly Ole St. Nick Visits Saguache

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to (Saguache) town

Santa Eats Cookies_Saguache Today

Santa Claus (far right) grabs a few cookies at the Saguache Works 4th Street Food Store’s cocoa and cookies reception as part of the official Holiday Tree Lighting in downtown Saguache earlier this month. This Saturday, Jolly Old St. Nick will be making another appearance at the Oasis Restaurant. #NaughtyOrNice

Maybe its the bright red suit and cheery disposition that puts the young and the young-at-heart in the holiday spirit, but it’s hard not to smile when you see Santa Claus. And as usual he’s been making the rounds in Saguache as well. Earlier this month Santa made an appearance at the 4th Street Food Store, visiting with children as Saguache works provided cocoa and cookies for the kids – ad adults!

Here’s a Saguache Today video of the official Holiday Tree Lighting by the Town of Saguache earlier this month. There was a good crowd gathered at the intersection of San Juan and 4th Streets, as Director of Public Works Dan Pacheco flipped the switched, lighting up the yuletide tree to the gasps and delight of the festive group. Also making an appearance  was the “super” full moon providing its own Christmas sparkle. The Christmas caroling sounded beautiful as well, all of which can be heard in the following video of the evening’s holiday fun! 

Santa Claus at Oasis on Saturday!

That’s right, attention all good boys and girls, Jolly Old St. Nick is making a stop in Saguache to pick up his mail for the Christmas season. Santa Claus will be at the Oasis Restaurant this Saturday, Dec. 23 from 2 – 4 p.m.

So kiddos get your letters ready or just come sit on Santa’s lap. Iris Garcia will be taking pictures which can be e-mail to you. She said she could get family pictures if parents want to get join their kids.