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Saguache News – October 4

Renown Flamenco Guitarist Returns to Crestone

This Sunday, Oct. 7 the Shumei International Institute welcomes back Mito de Soto for an afternoon of Flamenco and Classical Guitar, starting at 3 p.m.

Mito de Soto

Miguel “Mito” de Soto

Miguel “Mito” de Soto on is based in Santa Fe, N.M., but his musical renderings take listeners around the world as he brings his talents as guitarist, composer, musician, and vocalist to the mountains above Crestone. And while many music-lovers may be familiar with his talents demonstrated in his recorded music, to hear him LIVE is an entirely different experience.

Trained in Classical music at the U.W-Milw, de Soto’s Flamenco and Classical compositions are personified by his ability to mask complex chord structures under a searing melody line. Although de Soto continues to have many of his classical compositions performed publicly by various chamber ensembles, he professes his enduring love for Flamenco music.

There are many music styles worldwide that influence and shape a musician throughout his/her life. For de Soto, paternal and maternal family members have always been “instrumental” at introducing him to a diverse montage of musical instruments, such as: mouth harps, various stringed instruments, flutes, guitars, clapping (palmas), rhythmic stomping and of course plenty of singing.

Mito de Soto took Masters’ classes with world-renowned percussionist Alex Acuña which taught him the use of poly-rhythms of five beats against three beats (accenting beat one for each measure). He has also studied poly-metric(multiple changing beats per piece) drumming time signatures with master drummers from Senegal & Ghana, as well as East Indian rhythms in 9 and 10 beat measures, and of course, the 12/8 – beat measures in Flamenco music. Come celebrate the musical culture of Flamenco and Classical “Music de Mito™”.

Tickets for the concert are a $10 suggested donation, and all proceeds benefit the artist directly. He brings with him his latest CD. For information call 719/256-5284 or visit http://www.shumeicrestone.org.



Saguache News – October 1

Mike Wheeler Next Chamber Speaker on Tuesday

The Saguache Chamber of Commerce continues with their speaker program tomorrow, October 2 featuring Mike Wheeler, owner of Casa Roofing. Many of you may know this long-time Saguache resident, Mike Wheeler as has deep roots in Saguache.Saguahce Chamber logo

Wheeler graduated from Mountain Valley High many years ago, and left the next day to travel and see the rest of America. An established roofing contractor, he returned to Saguache two years ago to set up shop and reestablish his ties to the area.                                                                                                                                                

Wheeler is a Conklin Roofing Distributor, specializing in applying the elastomeric coating method to his roofs. Mike is passionate about this roofing method, noting several big advantages for use of this method.

Wheeler is well known around town as a business owner, entrepreneur, and civic leader, having recently run for the office of Mayor in Saguache. Come and hear him talk about his roofing business and a variety of other entrepreneurial and civic passions he has.  

The Chamber monthly meetings (as always) are open to the public. Please contact the Chamber at info@saguachechamber.org or call Barry at 719-322-7298 if you have any questions about this meeting or if you’d like to be part of the Chamber Speaker Program in the future.

Join others from the community at 6 p.m. at the County Road & Bridge at 305 3rd. St. in Saguache on Tuesday, Oct. 2.


Saguache News – September 30

Entrepreneurship Camp for Saguache Students

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s an age-old question!

But thinking about the answer to that question when you have your whole life ahead of you can be exciting. And so it will go for students from Mountain Valley School in Saguache this week as they participate in a three-day Entrepreneurship Camp.

Mountain Valley School Sign

Mountain Valley School District host an Entrepreneurship Camp this week.

As part of HEART of Saguache/KV Student to Career Pathway Initiative, 8th -12th grade students will participate in the program from Thursday – Saturday, Oct. 4 – 5 at Mountain Valley School.

Then on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 2:30 -3:30 p.m. the Entrepreneurship Camp Business Presentation will take place, including the awarding of certificates. Members of the public are invited to come out and support the students, and hear the business presentations that they will have developed during the workshop.

The Entrepreneurship Camp is sponsored by HEART of Saguache/KV, Mountain Valley School and Youth Engagement Expert, Craig Schroeder. For more information please contact Stacey Amos Holden, HEART of Saguache/KV. (719) 849 0957

About the expert . . . .

Craig Schroeder _HEART Saguache

Craig Schroeder

Craig Schroeder grew up on his family’s farm near Holbrook in southwest Nebraska, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1986. In 1989, after an early career in international agriculture trade, Schroeder and his new bride, Dawn, a Los Angeles native, moved back to his hometown of 223 people and experienced firsthand what it is like for a farm boy to come home and a city girl to move to the country.

This decision resulted in an 11-year experiment in young adult recruitment and rural revitalization emerging from the eighties agricultural crisis. Schroeder’s work during this period included the conversion of his former high school into a regional business incubator that has also served as home base for GROW Nebraska for the past two decades.

Schroeder has committed his career to helping rural communities create more prosperous futures; working as a local economic developer, rural telecommunications policy leader, Executive Director of the Nebraska Rural Development Commission, Senior Fellow with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and President of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development. He has also served on several prominent state and national rural development boards and commissions during his career.

Schroeder’s work extends across 47 states involving well over 40,000 youth, and in Canada, Australia and Russia, helping community leaders, educators and economic development professionals implement effective youth engagement, workforce development and entrepreneurship strategies. And this week, he will be in Saguache working with students from Mountain Valley Schools! The results will be exciting – see you on Saturday!

Saguache News – September 27

Agricultural News: Funding and Photos

Cows_Saguache Today_1

Ranching has been part of the San Luis Valley for generations, producing top-quality beef for the dinner table. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

There is some agricultural news coming out from the state folks that might be of interest to those living in Saguache Today. The first news brief provides information about funding available for agricultural hydropower projects. The second offers details on a photo contest that has an agricultural twist. Here’s some agricultural #NewsYouCanUse.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are seeking applicants for on-farm agricultural hydropower projects. The total amount of available assistance for this round is $1,200,000. The funding is available to Colorado agricultural irrigators with appropriate hydropower resources. 

“This program gives producers a way to cut their costs and use their resources efficiently. It’s about water quantity, water quality, and energy resources,” said Sam Anderson, CDA’s Energy Specialist, “We focus on helping farmers upgrade outdated and labor-intensive flood-irrigation systems to more efficient pressurized-irrigation systems using hydropower, or retrofit existing sprinkler systems with a hydropower component.” 

The funding is part of the NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP). Within RCPP, the Colorado irrigation hydropower program provides funding to agricultural producers to help them add hydropower to new or existing irrigation systems. 

Hay_Saguache Today

Saguache is part of the major hay-producing San Luis Valley region. It is also second behind potatoes as the Valley’s most harvested crop. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

For example, past projects have helped farmers use irrigation water to generate electricity, offsetting some of the cost of power for those farms. Other projects have allowed farmers to run large center-pivot sprinkler systems on hydro-mechanical power without the need for any electricity. 

The overall hydro program is funded and assisted by 14 agencies and groups, collectively contributing $3 million to the effort for project funding and technical assistance for Colorado agricultural producers. 

CDA is currently accepting applications for the next round of RCPP irrigation hydro projects. The application deadline is October 19, 2018.  Applicants must be eligible to receive funding from the NRCS EQIP program. For more information and to submit an application, visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s ACRE3hydropower website, or contact Sam Anderson at 303-869-9044 or CDA_hydro@state.co.us.

Photo Contest Focuses on “Spirit” of Agriculture 

Colorado’s agricultural landscapes provide the perfect subject for photographers. It’s once again time to capture the “spirit” of Colorado agriculture through pictures. The 21st annual “Colorado…it’s AgriCultural” photography contest is seeking entries as a way to celebrate the state’s agricultural heritage. 

“It is always exciting to see how people capture the beauty of agriculture in photos,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown. “The diversity of Colorado agriculture truly shines in this contest.” 

Entries must be submitted to the Colorado Department of Agriculture via e-mail with an official entry form by December 31, 2018. All photographs must be taken in the 2018 calendar year and must relate to Colorado agriculture in some way. Prizes will be awarded in six subject areas: crops, livestock, people, open professional, urban agriculture and ag from above. Amateur and professional photographers are encouraged to enter, however, professionals may only enter agriculture-related photographs in the “open professional” category. 

Judging will be based on theme, creativity and technical quality. The photographer whose picture best depicts the “spirit” of Colorado agriculture will receive $150, and category winners will receive a “Colorado…it’s AgriCultural” prize pack. All winning photographs will be displayed in the Beede-Hamil Agriculture Building at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colo., and will be posted online at www.coloradoagriculture.com

Visit www.coloradoagriculture.com/aginsights for complete contest rules and an entry form. The contest is sponsored by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the AgInsights Committee and Northeastern Junior College.

Cows_Saguache Today_2

Enter YOUR photo in the “spirit” of Agriculture photo contest. The deadline is the end of the year, so start getting those photos together!




Saguache News – September 25

Self-Defense Class Offered Locally

On Saturday, Sept. 29 Kuma Tactical and the Saguache County Sheriff Department‘s will be putting on their women’s only self-defense class on. This class is taught by state and nationally certified instructors and has limited spaces so  sign up now!self-defense-class

This three-hour workshop is FREE and designed to increase self-confidence through awareness and prevention. You will:

  • Learn practical self-defense techniques.
  • Expand your awareness and avoid danger.
  • Find the personal safety and security tools.
  • Have the confidence you need when threatened.
  • Learn how to trust your instincts.

The women’s self-defense class will be held on Saturday, Sept. 29 at Mountain Valley School from 9 a.m. – noon. For more information or to register contact Kuma Tactical at 719-298 -6169. Kuma Tactical teaches the free self defense classes a few times a year as part of giving back to their community. They also teach active shooter classes for schools, churches and business along with several other classes.



Saguache News – September 24

Sharing the Road in Saguache Today


Colorado is a bicycling state; so you either ride a bicycle or at least see bicycles often.  You’ll see the casual riders, weekend riders, bike to work riders, and there are also many weeklong and weekend biking tours throughout the state, such as Ride the Rockies, and Pedal the Plains. This means both bicycles and cars need to access the roadways at the same time and do it amicably.  This is accomplished by being courteous to others and following the law. 

When you’re out there driving, you need to be aware there are a multitude of things that you need to be watching for;  such as animals, pedestrians, bicycles, debris, broken down vehicles, and pot holes, just to name a few.  So let’s talk about bicycles this time.

As a Trooper, I’m often approached by both cyclists and drivers complaining about the other one.  Both believe they have the right of way, and they are both right to a point.  Each has the right of way at certain times.  Putting the law to the side for a moment though, just think about it this way; would you want someone doing that to you?  Follow that philosophy and you’re actions will almost always be right.

We have always had laws that govern cycling on the roadway, but recently we have also included laws for drivers when they are passing cyclists on the roadways.  Probably the most contentious interaction between cyclist and driver is when they are passing each other when going the same direction.  Colorado state law issues an order that cyclist are to ride as far right of the pavement as safely as possible.  This is their responsibility.  So if there is a shoulder, the rider is required to be on the shoulder and not in the lane of traffic.  Now cars have a part to play in this as well.  Drivers are responsible to give at least 3 feet between them and the biker when passing.

One problem I often see on a two way road is when a car comes upon a cyclist, they will give the required 3 feet distance, but then they will go into the oncoming lane of traffic causing the other driver to slow or swerve to miss having a crash.  Drivers are required to yield to both the other cars as well as the cyclist if they can’t pass the bike safely.  


Know the rules. Know the law. Share the road.

Now if there isn’t a shoulder for the cyclist to ride on, the cyclist has the right to use the roadway.  Again they are required to be as far right as they can safely ride.  When they are in the lane of traffic though, they are also required to ride single file.  Cars are still required to give that 3 foot buffer when passing the bike.

When a cyclist comes to an intersection and is planning to continue going straight and there is a right turn lane involved it becomes a little more confusing for some.  It also becomes a little more dangerous for the cyclist.  In this situation the cyclist is allowed to go in between the lane going straight and the turn lane.  This will possible put the rider between cars.  They will also have to cross the turn lane at some point prior to the intersection to get into the lane going straight.  In this instance, the cyclist is the one who needs to yield to the cars, but a little courtesy from everyone involved will be helpful to make sure everyone is safe.

When it comes to a cyclist needing to make a left turn at an intersection, most cyclists I have observed will stay to the right side of the lane and make a sweeping turn.  Drivers need to be observant of the cyclist and try not to pass them when they are turning left with traffic.  This is when everyone needs to be cautious.

A new law that was signed by Governor Hickenlooper, is what’s called the “Idaho Stop” law.  It went into effect in August of this year, but each municipality has to opt in for it to be law in their area.  The law allows cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, and red lights as stop signs.  It’s a very controversial law and has many critics.  So, know the biking laws in the state.

As one last reminder here is a little known law to the bikers out there, cyclists are required by law to have at least one hand on the handle bars at all times.  This is a law that goes unheeded quite often.

I hope this helps everyone while traveling throughout Colorado with knowing how vehicles and bicycles can and need to get along with each other.

As always, safe travels!

Saguache News – September 21

Hometown Author Visits in Saguache Today

There’s something special about seeing a hometown gal do good, reach her goals and achieve her dreams! And that’s the kind of feel-good Friday story you can find in Saguache Today!

If you’re looking for a little end-of-the-week inspiration, be sure to head to the Saguache Library tonight at 6 p.m.  for a special Author Talk and Book Signing. So who is the special guest?

Margaret Mizushima aUTHOR_sAGUACHE tODAY

Author Margaret Mizushima

It’s Margaret Mizushima! Did you know that she spent her high school years in Saguache and she is a 1970 graduate from Mountain Valley High School?! Three cheers for the hometown girl! And book reviews indicate that her that first person, small-town-living experience is one of the many reasons her Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Series have been racking up the awards.

Mizushima ‘s books have been finalists in the RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards, the Colorado Book Awards, the International Book Awards, and the Silver Falchion Awards. Most recently, her third book, “Hunting Hour,” has been named as a 2018 Finalist in the Top Shelf Indie Book Awards.

Mizushima ‘s newest release, “Burning Ridge”  is published by Crooked Lane of New York and is the fourth book in the series. This one is set in a small Colorado town (!) where Officer Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo are the two main characters. So if you like dogs at all, you’ll be pulled in by Robo. Of course, there is a third main character, veterinarian Cole Walker.Burning-Ridge-cover275x407

Join the fun tonight and learn more about Margaret Mizushima, her latest book, and maybe even some of her Saguache memories. This program is brought to you by the Saguache Friends of the Library.

You certainly don’t have to buy anything to attend but in case you’re interested, Margaret will have copies of her books at the library for purchase.  There will be refreshments served! Hope to see you there at 6 p.m. tonight (Friday).