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CPW May Limit Elk Licenses

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking public comment on a proposal to limit elk licenses in the southern San Luis Valley. Input can be provided through a short on-line survey HERE. Deadline to submit comments on-line is Sept. 10.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is considering making Game Management Unit 83 totally limited for elk hunting because of safety concerns and big-game management needs. A group of hunters and property owners has also made the request. If the change is implemented, hunters will have to apply for all elk licenses for the unit through the annual license draw. Currently, hunters can buy over-the-counter licenses for the second and third seasons.

GMU 83 is unique in western Colorado because it is comprised entirely of private land. Elk gather in large numbers in the subdivisions throughout the GMU which is located in Costilla County. Hunters drive the many public roads in the area looking for elk and often find themselves on private property within subdivisions and among the houses. Especially during the second and third elk seasons, when over-the-counter licenses are available, shots are often fired across roads from all directions creating dangerous conditions for hunters and the public.

CPW is considering limiting elk hunting licenses in the San Luis Valley

Rick Basagoitia, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the San Luis Valley, said CPW wants to assure safe conditions for hunters, homeowners and the public.

“Enforcement of hunting rules is difficult and there are safety concerns because of the proximity between the elk and the homes,” Basagoitia said. “CPW is addressing this situation to alleviate public safety concerns and to better manage elk herd in the area. The elk herd and traditional hunting are important to residents of the county and others. We want to strike the best balance that we can to meet those needs and do it safely,”

If the change is approved by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission the new rules would take effect for the 2020 big-game season. The Public Informaiton Officer for the Southwest region is Joe Lewandowski who can be reached directly at 970-375-6708.

Saguache News – September 1

Ready, Aim, Fire – Hunting Season is Underway 

The 2018 Colorado Hunting Season officially got underway last Saturday, Aug. 25 with the opening of archery season. And while the thick of the season – rifle season – doesn’t start for another month, sportsmen and women have already been spotted (or not?) around town in their camouflage get-ups.huntignsignpost

Hunters are good for the economy. They not only purchase hunting gear, trucks, ATVs and boats; they also fill their gas tanks and coolers. They stay at motels and resorts. They buy hunting clothes and those goofy hunting hats with sayings like, “If the Lead Don’t Fly, the Meat Don’t Fry.”

According to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, 259,000 people hunt in Colorado each year. The group’s data states that hunters spend $221 million a year, on trip-related expenses in Colorado and $185 million on hunting equipment. It says a typical hunter spends $1,800 a year on hunting-related activities.

While other places in the state might not appreciate the hunters’ tourism dollars, Saguache County is keenly aware of it. And maybe that’s because there is a large population of San Luis Valley hunters and fishermen, who recognize that wildlife recreation is an important component of the local economy.Hunting Cover 2018.jpg

Hunters also pay a truckload of special excise taxes, in the form of licenses, fees and equipment. In turn, those funds are earmarked for wildlife and habitat conservation.

And in Saguache County, hunting has strong generational ties, with grandpas and granddaughters taking to the trail together, to stock the family’s freezer with fresh game for the winter. Many families rely on their Fall harvest to get them through until Spring!

Another benefit of hunting that should not be under-rated, is that it is good for body, mind and soul. As the world seems to spin faster and faster – even for alpine dwellers – hunting provides a healthy escape. It offers relaxation and affords quality time with family and friends, many times out of range of cell service or internet connection.

So, as the bright orange vests begin their annual migration into the Colorado high country, be sure to make them feel welcome, with a friendly elk bugle.


The 2018 Colorado Hunting Season is officially underway. Photo: Saguache Today.